What is Continuous Inkjet?

Continuous Ink Jet is often abbreviated with CIJ and is the English name for a printing technique that works with a continuous inkjet. Continuous Inkjet does not require any direct contact with the product’s surface to be marked. The products are led past the print head. Small drops of ink are shot onto the product surface, which creates the desired print image.

What are the benefits of continuous inkjet?

Continuous inkjet is particularly suitable for marking large quantities due to the low variable printing costs.

More advantages:

  • Fast printing speeds of up to 588 m / min
  • Large distance of up to 2.5 cm from the printhead to the product
  • Print on round, uneven and smooth surfaces thanks to non-contact printing technology
  • Industry-specific solutions with adhesion to almost all surfaces thanks to the large ink portfolio
  • High print quality of logos, barcodes, 2D codes and texts

Which CIJ printer variants can you choose from?

We have the right CIJ marking system for every product surface and industrial situation. Contact us. We are happy to help.

Which special models do we offer?

With the special models of the Ci5000 series, all your printing requirements can be realized.

Do you have a special application or questions about the products? We would be happy to advise you and offer you industry-specific solutions. Contact us!

Which materials can be printed with continuous inkjet?

Continuous Inkjet is a prime example of an efficient technology that can be used permanently for the marking of almost all surfaces. It is particularly suitable for materials that are difficult to print, such as metals and plastic.

Materials to be printed:

  • Absorbent / porous materials (wood, paper, cardboard, cork, leather)
  • Non-absorbent materials (glass, metal, steel, plastic)
  • Smooth, round, uneven surfaces

In which industries is the continuous inkjet printing process used?

The CIJ printing process is mainly used in the area of mass production. Best before date, batch numbers, logos and barcodes can be implemented on a large product batch with a belt speed of over 600 m / min.

We have already been able to successfully implement industry-specific solutions with a wide variety of requirements together with the companies on site:

  • Automobile
  • Chemistry
  • Beverages
  • Wood
  • Consumer goods
  • Plastics & building materials
  • Food
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Furniture
  • Other industries

How does continuous inkjet work?

With the help of outstanding technological developments, the continuous inkjet printing technology creates a very precisely placed font, which is therefore also suitable for logo and barcode printing. The innovative process is made possible by an ink jet.

This jet, made up of individual ink drops, moves continuously towards the object to be printed. The focus of the beam is never interrupted. As a result, the ink corpuscles also move towards the object during a pause in printing, but in this case remain motionless. As soon as the printing process is initiated, the particles are electrically charged.

A developing high-voltage field gives the colored particles their direction. In this way, you get directly and precisely to the place set on the device. Interestingly, this method produces a precise print result through individual charging processes during the printing process.