Marking ink and accessories

Elried stencil ink

Elried stencil ink was specially developed for clean and razor-sharp stencil lettering. It enables waterproof, quick-drying, UV-resistant and scratch-proof marking of porous and non-porous surfaces. It must be processed using a filling roller or hand roller and ink pad.

MARSH stencil ink

Stencil ink from the pioneers of stencil lettering with features comparable to Elried lettering ink,  MARSH ink must also be processed using a filling roller or hand roller and ink pad. The special "T-Grade" variant is to be used with pens. The "K-ink" variant is recommended for highly absorbent surfaces.

Cleaning solvent

Elried solvent is suitable for reactivating and cleaning marking devices such as filling rollers, hand rollers, filling brushes or pens. Even plastic or metal stencils can be cleaned for reuse.

Marking roller and ink pad

The Elried marking roller is used for stencil lettering together with the ink pad. It enables very clean colour application and thus markings with razor-sharp outlines. Includes a dust protection cap for protecting the roller against drying out. To be used with Elried or MARSH lettering inks.

Fountain roller for mobile usage

The MARSH fountain roller has an integrated refillable paint tank to enable mobile usage without the need for ink pads or bottles. It is completely produced from aluminium and is therefore extremely durable. As a Rolmark-Express variant, it must be used with a handy disposable cartridge. 


Fountain brush for demanding surfaces

The MARSH fountain brush, like the fountain roller with its integrated and refillable paint tank, is predestined for mobile usage. It is particularly suited for the marking of uneven and highly absorbent surfaces: e.g. coarse crates, pallets, jute bags.