Marking sprays

Marking spray for stencil coding

Thanks to their unique formula, Elried marking sprays are particularly suitable for coding with stencils. They prevent paint build-up on the stencil and do not disperse behind it. They are particularly odourless, quick-drying, UV-resistant, seawater-resistant and adhere extremely well to all surfaces.

Cover spray for removal of markings

Elried cover sprays can be used to quickly spray over faulty markings or those which are no longer needed. The different grey-beige, ochre-beige and brown-beige shades make it possible to always find a suitable variant for the subsurface. 

RAL colour spray according to your specifications

Elried RAL colour spray is already available in every desired RAL shade starting with a packing unit of 6 cans. It is therefore suited both for customised colour markings and for the visually clean repair of painted parts. They are quick drying, light-fast and extremely adhesive.

Chalk spray for temporary markings

Elried chalk spray is particularly suited for the temporary coding and marking of asphalt and concrete surfaces, cobblestones, athletic fields, lawns, marketplaces and exhibitions areas. The inks are very intense and can therefore also be well recognised at greater distances.

Forest marking spray for the timber industry

Elried forest marking spray is specially suited for reliable marking in the forest and wood industry. It is quick drying, water resistant and UV resistant. Forest marking spray can also be used on damp wood and is neutral for users and the environment.

Construction marking spray for the building industry

Elried construction marking spray enables quick and reliable marking on asphalt and concrete surfaces, tar, loose gravel, clay, grass surfaces and metal. Neon colours and high opacity ensure a high level of visibility.  

Floor marking spray – permanent

Elried floor marking spray is particularly suited for the coding of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Extremely high abrasion resistance against forklift traffic is guaranteed, even on sealed hall floors. The highly opaque

acrylic resin paint ensures permanent marking. The marking trolley ensures precise and razor-sharp lines.