Stamps, pens and chalks for labelling

Branding irons for permanent markings

Branding irons are suitable for the permanent marking of wood, leather, hard rubber or plastic by burning in. Elried creates branding irons individually according to customer specifications. All kinds of logos and texts can be implemented. Can be delivered as an electrical or propane gas design. Propane gas allows for particularly quick heat-up and mobile usage.

Knob and strip stamps for inexpensive marking

Knob and strip stamps are an inexpensive and quick variant for marking such materials as wood, cardboard packaging or plastic. The printing plates are manufactured according to individual specifications. Suitable stamp colours and pads are matched to the application.

Telos stamp for alternating texts

In contrast to standard knob and strip stamps, Telos stamps make it possible to change the printing plate. Alternating texts can be set using the patented ribbed rubber. Individual logos are also created as suitable printing plates and can even be combined with alternating texts.

Manual roller stamps for the marking of higher unit quantities

Manual roller stamps also use a Telos system and can therefore be equipped with alternating texts and logos. The integrated paint roller also makes it possible to mark high unit quantities quickly and cost-effectively. The inks are light-fast and waterproof. 

100-P paint marker

Oil-based paint marker with pump valve, waterproof, UV-resistant, chemical-resistant Line width: 2 mm. Suitable for all materials.

M140 metal marker

Refillable metal marker with metal ball tip, also for very rough surfaces such as concrete, metal and wood. Can be delivered in the line widths 1, 3 and 6 mm.


Solid marker

A solid marker which continues to harden after it is applied. It can therefore also be used, for example, on rusty surfaces.

edding 4090 chalk marker

The edding 4090 chalk marker has an extra wide wedge tip and with its highly opaque colors of liquid crayon very well suited for smooth surfaces such as plates, mirrors and glass. The colors remain clearly visible on the surface, but can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

edding Retract 11 permanent marker

Permanent marker with push-button mechanism for easy operation, round tip with a line width of 1.5-3 mm, for marking and labeling of fast all materials

edding 8850 carpenter pen

Thanks to its very long and narrow mouthpiece with a line width of 0.7-1 mm, the carpenter pen is particularly suitable as an assembly aid in hard to reach places. The fast-drying ink is water and smudge resistant.

edding 8300 permanent marker

For permanent marking of slightly oily and dusty surfaces. Round tip with stroke width of 1.5-3 mm. Xylene based ink is lightfast, fast drying and abrasion resistant.

edding 8750 permanent marker

The edding 8750 industrial permanent marker has been specially formulated for permanent marking on oily, greasy and dirty surfaces in the oil, metal or other heavy industries.

edding 8030 NLS high-tech marker

High-tech marker for the corrosion-resistant marking and marking of almost all materials in the nuclear sector as well as in the aviation and shipping sectors. Round tips with line width 1.5-3 mm

edding 21 Ecoline permanent marker

Sustainable, cost-effective permanent marker for labeling and marking almost any material, e.g. Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass. Line width 1.5-3 mm.

edding 90 temporary marker

The marker is suitable for writing without residues and marking on smooth surfaces such as glass or lacquer. 


Robust industrial marker made of aluminum with pump valve and exchangeable real felt tip, refillable with MARSH T-ink. Tip for line widths 5 mm is included in the standard delivery.