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Large character printer

Piezo inkjet systems, or lhigh resolution inkjet printers, are very high-resolution inkjet systems for direct and large-area marking of cartons or other absorbent substrates. They offer razor-sharp image quality, low printing costs and maximum flexibility in print design. Developed by the inventor of the ink jet: LINX.

What are the benefits of Linx large character printers?

The systems replace any existing label solution as well as pre-printed cardboard boxes. Up to 280 mm print height is possible, savings are 70% and more compared to labels. By eliminating the plastic label, this solution is also much more sustainable.

What do large character printers print on?

The systems are primarily suitable for cardboard, wood and other absorbent materials commonly used in secondary packaging. The aim here is to achieve a high degree of flexibility in the layouts in a cost-effective manner.

How does the large character printer work?

Large character printers work according to the piezo inkjet system. Piezo inkjet systems in the industry typically consist of a fixed print head that is supplied with ink via an ink system. Up to 100 mm print height is possible per head, whereby the maximum print distance is rather small (usually up to 6 mm). Piezo inkjet is mostly used in packaging labeling. The systems can usually only print one color and are often optimized for printing on cardboard. Require more maintenance and care than TIJ systems.

Consumables for large character printer

Ink containers and cartridges for the elried large character printer range.

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