Our service for you

At Elried, we make sure that your production never comes to a standstill. Maintenance contracts and original parts ensure that your machines always work as reliably as on day 1. If a failure should nevertheless occur, our 4-stage service concept takes effect: telephone support with direct contact to a technician, online support to solve configuration problems, loaner machines if required, and a network of service technicians. Rely on maximum operational reliability and customer service that does not end with the signing of the purchase contract.

Online support

With our online support tools, errors and configuration problems can be solved quickly at any time. Our systems have extensive network functionality for this purpose, for remote maintenance by an Elried technician. In this way, expensive travel costs can be avoided.

Of course, this service always remains 100% under your control, but if you call us, we will be there for you immediately. You can also download the free Teamviewer here.

Technician network and rental machines

Although failures are rare with our products, they can still occur. But we won’t leave you out in the cold if the worst comes to the worst.

Thanks to our network of field offices, an Elried technician can reach you quickly at any time. You always have a fixed, personal contact person who is available to you and knows your systems and your production circumstances. If necessary, a park of rental machines is always available for you to ensure trouble-free production.

If you wish to return your system for repair, please fill out the RMA report, enclose it with the shipment and also send it to info@elried.de.

Upgrade Service

Our devices are very durable. Therefore, in addition to maintenance contracts, we also offer original spare parts and accessories replacement for numerous legacy systems such as Anser, Marsh Unicorn, Evolution. Nevertheless, there are often good reasons for replacement: compliance with new safety standards, quality standards, efficiency and economy. For a corresponding upgrade offer, please contact your responsible sales representative at any time.

Safety data sheets

Here you can request safety data sheets for our products quickly and easily.

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