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Our solutions for quality assurance

Ensuring quality with marking technology

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of goods in production, continuous quality assurance is required. The right marking technology efficiently supports these inspection processes through automation. It detects defective products in time and marks them. This also ensures traceability.

Inkjet systems, laser marking or stamping techniques can be used for labeling. Various interfaces enable the transfer of data and signals between the marking systems, the inspection systems and the operating software. Your Elried experts will advise you on this right up to the complete turnkey solution.

How labeling systems check product quality

During quality assurance, one or more product properties are typically tested, and the product is subsequently marked accordingly. This marking can be a simple checkpoint, but sometimes a text or machine-readable barcode / 2D code. Quality assurance also means that printing systems themselves recognize at an early stage whether a technical intervention is necessary in order to maintain the print quality at the required high level in the long term.

Recommended products

Depending on the application, a simple stamping system or a highly networked inkjet is the best solution.

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