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Challenges and solutions of the automotive industry


The automotive industry demands the full range of marking systems, where the main focus is on extremely durable legibility. With compact inkjet systems, batch information often has to be applied from a great distance or on very uneven surfaces. After a functionality test, tested parts must be reliably marked. A permanent shipping label is required for export.


  • Product marking with the Ci5000 series for printing in recesses or on uneven surfaces
  • Product marking with edding in-line printers for the identification of parts and components
  • Handheld printer edding portable 12: For optimizing warehouse logistics
  • Defect marking with the Sprayjet: Simple and reliable
  • Shipping labeling with the ST2020 punch: Flexible and fast
  • Shipping labeling with the Elried StencilCut V1 stencil cutting system: Customized according to customer specifications

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