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Our rubber labeling solutions for traceability, recycling or material property identification

Print rubber

Elastic, water-repellent and resistant – these are the most important properties of rubber. This material can be used to manufacture products as diverse as car tires, seals, cable sheathing, rubber mats or latex mattresses. However, when applying manufacturer and product markings such as serial numbers or information for logistical traceability, a number of things have to be taken into account due to its special nature. For example, when labeling rubber parts or tires, the top priority is not to damage the elastic material. The marking must also not be lost through abrasion or external influences.

How to achieve clean, high-contrast and durable printing on rubber

For these requirements, contactless printing such as with inkjet systems is in principle very well suited. These also allow inks to be easily exchanged – for example, high-contrast colors such as white, yellow and light blue are required for the frequently dark or black background. Special inks are used for long-term adhesion on soft surfaces. UV inks, on the other hand, which are only visible under UV light, make it possible to mark a product perfectly while maintaining a flawless appearance. Laser marking is not only very accurate, but also particularly tamper-proof thanks to its abrasion resistance.

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