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Edding in-line 25: Innovative marking of cardboard boxes and other absorbent surfaces

edding in-line 25

Modern technology, easy to use and reliable.

Like the in-line 12, our edding in-line 25 impresses with its outstanding technology. The edding in-line 25 is designed for printing on outer cartons.

Developed together with edding, the printer excels in three main areas: It is maximally reliable, thanks to a robust aluminum housing and production in Germany. Ease of use allows the in-line 25 to be installed and operated without the assistance of a technician or training. The unique communication capabilities no industrial printer has ever enabled before. All this leads to the increase of production efficiency, elimination of miscoding and ultimately to the achievement of the Industry 4.0 era. The higher print height compared to the in-line 12 is bought by a smaller selection of inks.

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edding in-line 25

Inks, toner, paper, and cleaning supplies for use with products in this series.

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