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stencil systems

Elried is the leading supplier of mechanical and automatic stencil making systems. These allow text and logos to be punched or cut out of materials such as kraft paper, oiled cardboard or plastic.

Stencil systems enable large-area marking of products and surfaces

Stencils are used to mark products and surfaces cleanly and efficiently with both large and small fonts and logos. The template can be reused several times.

Elried is the expert for template punching and cutting systems

As early as the 1970s, Elried had invented the world’s first automatic stencil punching system, setting the benchmark in stencil marking to this day.

Automatic stencil systems

With the Elried ST2020 and the Elried StencilCut V1, even larger quantities of stencils can be created efficiently and flexibly.

Hand punching machines

The robust MSSC hand punching machines are particularly suitable for the occasional creation of stencils

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