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Our solutions for printing glass with MHD, batch number or bar code

Glass packaging print

Glass is a popular, environmentally friendly packaging alternative. Not only is it reusable (returnable bottles) and recyclable, it is also the perfect packaging solution for many foods and beverages that need to be effectively protected. But glass is also frequently used in the automotive, construction or pharmaceutical industries. Legal regulations for traceability and consumer protection require the application of a wide variety of markings such as best-before dates (BBD), batch numbers or bar codes. Company logos are also frequently printed on glass for product differentiation.

Challenges for printing on glass

Even smooth and non-absorbent surfaces such as glass can be printed with almost all inkjet technologies. Some special features have to be taken into account: When printing on bottle necks, you have to deal with different printing distances – the printer often can’t get close enough to the product, and so it has to deliver high print quality even at greater distances. And when it comes to the particularly challenging printing of dark glass, the edding with its white, yellow and light blue printing inks really comes into its own.

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