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Stencils & Marking

Marking and export marking includes the entire world of stencil marking, as well as sprays, stamps, pens and crayons for your custom marking needs.

Stencil systems

Elried is the leading supplier of mechanical and automatic stencil making systems. Those allow you to punch or cut out texts and logos from materials like kraft paper, oiled cardboard or plastic.

Stencil service

Stencils or contract stencils are standardized or individual stencils that are manufactured especially for you. They are made of oil cardboard, kraft paper, plastic or metal and can therefore be reused many times.

Marking inks & accessories

Special marking inks for marking / signing with stencils, as well as suitable accessories such as ink roller or filling brush.


Elried marking sprays are designed for professional application and are optimally adapted to the challenges of the respective application.


Even in an increasingly digital world, industrial special pens for flexible marking continue to be the means of choice. It is important that the pen is optimally aligned to the intended use.


The Elried portfolio of stamps is geared towards industrial (special) applications. It is important that the stamps themselves and the clichés are very robust.

Packaging accessoires

Packaging accessoires mainly include indicators for transport security as well as packing list covers. They are mainly used in the field of export packaging.

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