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Marking Inks & Accessories

Special marking paints for marking / signing with stencils, as well as suitable accessories such as paint roller or filling brush.

Marking inks & accessories allow particularly sharp-edged markings

In contrast to spray, paint rollers and brushes can be used to make markings with particularly sharp edges. At the same time, the stencils are particularly long reusable.

Elried and MSSC inks and accessories for professional use

Paints and accessories from Elried and MSSC are specially matched products that have been proven in professional use for decades.

Elried signing ink for stencils

Elried marking ink has been specially developed for clean and sharp-edged stencil marking. It provides a waterproof, fast-drying, UV-resistant and scratch-resistant marking on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It can be applied with filling roller or hand roller and ink pad.

MARSH Signing ink for stencils

Signing ink from the pioneers of stencil signing, comparable in properties to Elried signing ink. MARSH ink can also be used with filling roller or hand roller and ink pad. With pins, the special variant “T-Grade” is to be used. For highly absorbent surfaces, the “K Ink” variant is recommended.

Thinner for cleaning

Elried Thinner is suitable for reactivating and cleaning marking devices such as filling rollers, hand rollers, filling brushes or pens. Plastic or metal stencils can also be cleaned for reuse.

Signing roller and ink pad

The Elried marking roller is used together with the ink pad for stencil marking. It enables very clean ink application and thus extremely sharp-edged markings. Includes dust cap to protect the roller from drying out. To be used with Elried or MARSH marking inks.

Filling roller for mobile use

With its integrated, refillable ink tank, the MARSH filling roller enables mobile use independent of ink pads and ink canisters. It is made entirely of aluminum and is therefore extremely durable. As a Rolmark-Express variant, it can be used with handy disposable cartridges.

Filling brush for demanding surfaces

Like the filling roller, the MARSH filling brush with its integrated and refillable ink tank is predestined for mobile use. It is particularly suitable for marking uneven and very absorbent surfaces: e.g. unplaned boxes, pallets, jute sacks.

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