Marking with Thermal Transfer (TTO)

Basic functionality of TTO

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is a printing technique that can produce high-quality bar codes, text and images on a variety of materials including plastic films, paper and other substrates. The process begins with a ribbon that is coated with a wax or resin-based ink. The ribbon is loaded into the thermal transfer printer, which has a thermal print head that applies heat to the ribbon. When the print head is activated, the ink on the ribbon melts and is transferred to the substrate, creating a sharp, clear image. To achieve this, the product must have perfect contact with the thermal transfer printer. TTO printing is therefore primarily suitable for foils and similar materials. In addition to the ribbon, the thermal strip is also one of the typical consumables.

Advantages of Thermal Transfer

  • low printing costs
  • high durability of the print image
  • mature, robust and low-maintenance technology
  • good edge sharpness
  • good contrast

Fields of application

TTO is a popular choice for printing barcodes and labels in industries such as retail, manufacturing and logistics.

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