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Product and packaging coding

Product and packaging marking includes a wide range of inkjet systems for every application, coders for stamp-based marking as well as various spray systems for defect marking. The segment includes systems for stationary installation as well as systems for mobile use.

Inline printing systems

Inline printing systems are for marking within the production line. The systems cover all requirements from simple entry-level solutions to highly automated high-speed systems.

Mobile printing systems

Mobile marking away from the production line. For flexible marking of small batches, goods in incoming goods, large products and much more. For maximum individuality.

Laser marking

Laser marking shows its strengths above all in its low costs for consumables, since only the filters for extracting the ambient air need to be replaced.

error marking

Systems for error marking and quality assurance typically mark good parts or bad parts via a colored dot. Here, the marking is triggered by a signal after a test process. The error marking can be done contactless by spray method or with a stamp as contact marking.


The coder segment includes both automatic stamping systems such as interval printers and roll coders. What they all have in common is color transfer via direct contact with the product.

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