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edding portable 12: Redefining internal production and logistics processes

edding portable 12

Ergonomic design for durable use with high-resolution 600 dpi printing

The edding portable 12 compact printer enables the redefinition of internal production and logistics processes. It has the extensive features of the in-line 12 printer and is complemented by a positioning laser and an industrial battery. Thus, in the form of a mobile printer, it offers the perfect solution for mobile applications away from the production line.

You can use the edding portable 12 to apply barcodes, data matrix codes, text and logos anywhere in high-resolution 600-dpi quality. The cartridge system enables color change within seconds. The original Metabo LiHD battery with 4 Ah can operate the printer non-stop for up to 12 hours.

With communication technology, it is possible to capture the data for encoding from any existing data source or simply use a barcode scanner to generate the print text.


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edding portable 12

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