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Even in an increasingly digital world, industrial special pens for flexible marking continue to be the means of choice. It is important here that the pen is optimally aligned to the intended use.

Pens for industrial applications

The wide portfolio of industrial special markers means that the optimum marker is available for every application. Get advice from the Elried experts if you need it.

Partner of edding AG

Through the jointly developed Compact Printer series, Elried is a close partner of edding AG and therefore has full access to their range of special markers.

Chalk marker

The edding 4090 chalk marker has an extra-wide wedge tip and with its highly opaque colors of liquid chalk very suitable for smooth surfaces such as boards, mirrors and glass. The colors remain clearly visible on the surface, but are easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Retract permanent marker

Permanent marker with print head mechanism for one-handed operation, bullet tip with a line width of 1.5-3 mm, for marking and labeling almost all materials

EcoLine permanent marker

Sustainable, cost-effective permanent marker for labeling and marking almost all materials, e.g. paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass. Line width 1.5-3 mm.

500 permanent markers

Compact and practical permanent marker for marking and labeling almost all materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic and wood. The wedge tip has a line width of 2-7 mm.

High Tech Marker

High-tech markers for corrosion-resistant marking and labeling of almost all materials in the nuclear, aerospace and marine sectors. Round tip with line width 1.5-3 mm.

800 permanent marker

Permanent marker for broad marking and writing on almost all materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic and wood. The wedge tip has a line width of 4-12 mm.

8300 Industry permanent marker

For permanent marking of slightly oily and dusty surfaces. Round tip with line width of 1.5-3 mm. Xylene-based ink is lightfast, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant.

8750 Paint marker

The edding 8750 industrial paint marker is specially made for permanent marking on oily, greasy and dirty surfaces in oil, metal or other heavy industries.

Borehole marker

Thanks to its very long and narrow mouthpiece with a line width of 0.7-1 mm, the drill hole marker is particularly suitable as an assembly aid for hard-to-reach places. The fast-drying ink is waterproof and smudge-proof.

Glass board marker

The marker is suitable for writing and marking on smooth surfaces such as glass or paint without leaving any residue.

100-P paint marker

Oil-based paint marker with pump valve, waterproof, UV-resistant, chemical-resistant. Line width: 2 mm. Suitable for all materials.

M140 metal marker

Refillable metal marker with metal ball point, also for very rough surfaces such as concrete, metal and wood. Available in line widths of 1, 3 and 6 mm.


Robust industrial marker made of aluminum with pump valve and replaceable genuine felt tip, refillable with MARSH T ink. Round tip with line width 5 mm is included in the standard scope of delivery. Wedge tip with 10 mm line width on request.

Solid marker

A solid marker that continues to cure after application. Thus also suitable for e.g. rusty surfaces.

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