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Our solutions for marking secondary packaging and tertiary packaging

Flexible, fast, legally compliant

For the further route along the supply chain, products in outer packaging (the secondary or also tertiary packaging) must be labeled at each packaging stage. This includes simple product information and brand logos as well as barcodes, machine-readable 2D DataMatrix/QR codes or recycling codes. In addition, other (internationally) prescribed markings, whether MHD, serial number, quality seal or certification. The material to be printed is usually cardboard, but packaging coding may also be required on flexible materials such as films or uneven packaging.

To meet these diverse requirements, a flexible marking system such as the edding series is particularly suitable. It can print on virtually anything, is reliable and very fast. If packaging formats change regularly, which is particularly common in the food industry, these systems can be adapted quickly and flexibly.

Good packaging coding is a quality feature for product safety - and your image

High-quality product labels not only ensure product safety, but also provide confidence for the end consumer. For this purpose, all required markings must be applied cleanly and safely. This applies to small outer packaging with a sophisticated corporate design as well as to large pallet packaging. Here, not only large amounts of information, but also large-format barcodes often have to be applied, which are read independently by the automatic storage systems during storage. The selection of the marking system also takes into account the production environment, the properties of the packaging material, sufficient contrast between the marking and the packaging surface, the speed on the production line, and the distance of the printing unit from the material to be printed.

Recommended products

As generalists, the systems of the edding series are particularly suitable, but also other inkjets such as Citronix or IJ355/375.

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