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Our solutions for product serialization for anti-counterfeiting and consumer protection

Effective against counterfeit products

With serialization, each product in a production series is given a unique, usually random and coded serial number, which is stored in a database and assigned to the corresponding production data. By reconciliation, the product can be traced and verified at any time along the entire supply chain back to the manufacturer. Serialization originated in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, products from many industries are serialized when anti-counterfeiting, health protection and consumer safety are at stake – such as food, groceries or components. To integrate the process of serialization into your own production, you need modern marking systems with networkable solutions that meet all the requirements of high production speeds and diverse surfaces.

The uniqueness counts!

The serial number can be printed as a numeric code, but also as an automatically readable QR code or bar code. It is important that the printing system can process this data and ensure that each code is printed only once. After printing, it must be returned to IT which codes were printed and where. The edding systems can be used to print plain text as well as 1D and 2D codes of all types. For this purpose, we offer the appropriate software extensions for traceability and automatic generation of serial numbers as well as suitable camera systems for verification.

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Reliable and IT-integrated serialization with the Citronix and edding series systems.

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