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Laser marking

Basic functionality of laser marking

Laser coding technology is a method of printing information, such as barcodes or text, onto a substrate using a laser beam. The process starts with a laser beam being directed at the surface of the substrate. The laser beam is modulated, or turned on and off, in a pattern that corresponds to the desired image or text. The laser beam’s interaction with the substrate causes a physical or chemical change, such as a burn or a color change, on the substrate surface. This creates the desired image or text on the substrate. Lasers can mark small text very quickly. Multiline text, barcodes and logos take a lot of time with a laser

Advantages of laser marking

  • lasers produce high-quality, permanent markings that withstand harsh environments, high temperatures, and humidity
  • very high speed
  • low costs of consumables
  • low maintenance costs

fields of application

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
  • beverage industry
  • electronic industry

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