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Apply certification markings such as IPPC / ISPM 15 legibly and permanently

Mark wood perfectly

In industry, the marking of wood or materials made of wood is a demanding task. On fibrous and damp surfaces, such as dunnage, pallet blocks or coarse chipboard, print images with sharp edges must be produced. Added to this are the dusty ambient conditions or fluctuating weather conditions outside the plants. Often a CE marking or other certification markings must be applied. Such as IPPC labeling, a global regulation for labeling pest-free wood. This ISPM-15 standard places very high demands on the legibility and durability of the marking, which stamps and branding irons usually cannot meet. Incomplete IPPC marking can lead to expensive detentions or repatriation of the goods by customs.

Robust systems stationary for manufacturing or portable for mobile application

Within production, robust marking systems are required due to the aforementioned environmental conditions, which at the same time perfectly fulfill all requirements regarding the legibility and durability of IPPC markings. For this application, the edding in-line systems are the first choice. The fire hazard that used to exist due to the branding irons is 100% avoided by using the edding systems. For mobile marking of the IPPC logo, the edding portable hand printers are particularly suitable. The edding systems always produce a sharply contoured mark, even on rough or damp wood, and at the same time are built to be suitably robust for outdoor use.

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Edding in-line systems for marking on the shop floor and edding portable for mobile marking.

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