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Our solutions for marking films with traceability, recycling or batch information

Foil packaging printing

Whether as hygienic primary packaging for food and non-food articles or as secondary packaging for any type of product: foils made of metal or plastic are an important packaging material to protect products from damage, moisture and germs and to ensure their freshness. Shrink foils are also frequently used for packaging.

In any case, the packaged goods must be reliably labeled with information on traceability, recycling or consumer protection. PE foils have in common that their surfaces are uneven and non-absorbent, which is always a challenge for proper package labeling. And if extreme temperatures (e.g. for frozen goods), wetness or dust prevail in the production environment, special capabilities such as fanless printing systems are required.

Multiple solutions for printing on films

TTO thermal transfer printing was traditionally the first choice for printing on foils. Nowadays, modern edding systems can print on foils more flexibly and efficiently. While label or continuous inkjet is often used for shrink films, stamp-based systems enable cost-effective, static marking.

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