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Laser marking shows its strengths above all in its low costs for consumables, since only the filters for extracting the ambient air need to be replaced.

Coders are particularly suitable for early installation planning

Laser marking places high demands on the installation: quiet running of the products, enclosure to protect employees and extraction of the sometimes toxic fumes. Therefore, installation is mainly carried out in new systems.

Text coder

As one of the most experienced players in the laser marking market, Datalogic is the optimal partner for elried’s integration experts.

How do coders work?

In a coder, ink is transferred to a cliché. This ink transfer takes place by contact with an inking roller or by stamping onto an ink-impregnated felt. The cliché itself can be a simple dot, but also text or a logo. Clichés are usually designed to be interchangeable by clicking them onto a ribbed rubber. Text and numbers can be composed from a character set. Thanks to its simple operating system, this technology is particularly robust and easy to maintain.

Coder at a glance

Fiber lasers, CO2 lasers and solid-state laser systems from Datalogic.

Consumables for coder

Inks for every application, based on the expertise of edding AG

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