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Our solutions for printing on paper

Paper printing

“Normal” paper is actually among the simplest applications of industrial marking. However, as is so often the case, the devil is in the details: coated or varnished paper grades require special solvent inks with fast drying properties. In addition, it must be possible to mark the paper in different colors. Fast production lines require high-speed printing systems, and when paper is used in the food sector, suitable means must be used to prevent contaminant migration. At the same time, labeling solutions should take into account the high cost pressure that usually exists. A discussion with an expert from Elried therefore also helps here to find an optimal solution together.

Label paper packaging free of harmful substances

Overall, paper is also gaining ground as a packaging material in the food sector. Here it is very important to use inks that are free of harmful substances so that the food is not contaminated. Edding offers unique special inks here that are made from purely edible base materials, completely eliminating any risk of migration of undesirable substances. A true innovation, so that concerns about contaminants in food, and with them the corresponding reputational risk, are once and for all a thing of the past.

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Just mark paper in all colors and at the highest speeds with the universal systems from edding.

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