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edding compact printer (TIJ)

Elried develops together with the edding AG the highly innovative series of compact printers. These are based without exception on the superior Thermal Inkjet or TIJ technology and are characterized in particular by high reliability and ease of use.

What are the advantages of Thermal Inkjet?

Thermal Inkjet is a highly innovative technology that can be used in almost all marking requirements.
  • Very high reliability, no downtime
  • Easy to use, requires no training
  • Extensive integration options – Industry 4.0

What do thermal inkjet printers print on?

  • Printing on almost all surfaces: Plastics, metal, glass, cardboard, wood, etc.
  • Ink type and color can be changed with one click
  • Maximum print quality of logos, barcodes, 2D codes & texts
  • Unique decap time of over 72 hours for solvent inks

How does a cartridge system / thermal inkjet work?

Thermal Inkjet, colloquially often called “cartridge system”, is a technology that goes back to the HP DeskJet printing systems. Here, the ink and print head are located in a common housing, the cartridge. The technology is now called Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), as printing is produced by heating the ink in the print head to a high temperature for a short time. Heating causes the ink to fire out of the print head, creating a print on the product. The systems are maintenance-free and easy to operate. In the past, they were used more in simple tasks. With its edding compact printers, edding/Elried in particular has brought this technology into the realm of high-performance industrial printing through extensive R&D.

edding in-line systems

Highly innovative marking systems from the edding compact printer series, “Developed and Made in Germany”.

Consumables for edding in-line

Inks for every application, based on the expertise of edding AG

Consumables for XL systems and Anser U2

Ink cartridges for the XL, Anser U2, X1 and TM1000 devices

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