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Temporary and permanent marking sprays

Elried marking sprays are designed for professional use and are optimally adapted to the challenges of the respective application.

Sprays are particularly suitable for a time-efficient implementation of markings

Marking sprays allow high-quality markings to be applied quickly and efficiently to virtually any surface. Except for the chalk sprays, this marking is durable and weather resistant.

Elried has one of the broadest portfolios of industrial specialty sprays

The optimal product for every application: marking spray, block-out spray, tree marking spray, chalk spray, forest marking spray, floor marking spray and RAL color spray.

Marking spray for stencil marking

Elried marking sprays are particularly suitable for marking with stencils due to their unique formulation. They prevent paint build-up on the stencil and do not run behind the stencil. They are particularly odor-free, fast drying, UV-resistant, seawater-proof and extremely adhesive to all surfaces.

Block-Out Spray for the removal of markings

Marking defects, old lettering and address labels as well as traces of use can easily be made invisible with BERASIT Block-Out Spray. The brown-beige spray paint even reliably covers glue and makes used cardboard look “like new” again.

Floor marking spray - Permanent

Elried floor marking spray is particularly suitable for marking asphalt and concrete surfaces. Even on sealed hall floors, extremely high abrasion resistance against forklift traffic is guaranteed. The high opacity acrylic resin varnish provides a permanent marking. The marking carriage ensures precise and contour-sharp lines.

Construction Marking Spray

Elried Construction Marking Spray provides fast and reliable markings on asphalt and concrete surfaces, tar, loose gravel, clay, grass surfaces and metal. Neon colors and high opacity provide high visibility.

Chalk spray for temporary markings

Elried chalk spray is particularly suitable for temporary marking and lettering of asphalt and concrete surfaces, paving stones, sports fields, lawns, marketplaces and exhibition areas. The colors are very intense and thus easy to recognize even from a greater distance.

Forest marking spray for the wood sector

Elried forest marking spray is especially suitable for reliable markings in the forestry and timber industry. It is quick drying, water and UV resistant. Forest marking spray can also be used on damp wood and is neutral for users and the environment.

RAL color spray according to your specifications

Elried RAL color spray is available in any desired RAL tone from a packaging unit of 6 cans. It is therefore suitable both for customer-specific color markings and for the visually clean touch-up of painted parts. They are fast drying, lightfast and extremely adhesive.

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