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Our solutions for marking metal with e.g. MHD or data for internal and external traceability

Mark the variety of metal well

The marking of metal occurs at many points in the value chain. For example, metal parts -components require the printing of information for internal and external traceability, while the food industry needs to apply barcodes, best before dates (BBD) or batch numbers during the packaging and sealing process. The various closure materials are often made of metal: sheet steel for screw-top jars, aluminum for yogurt lids and screw caps for glass bottles, or seamed lids made of sheet metal for cans. But of course, the cans themselves are also marked, as are larger metal drums for transporting liquids. These metals can be effectively printed with CIJ or TIJ printers.

Special features of the marking of materials made of metal

Depending on the type of metal, black or colored inks are more readable. Residues from production, for example an oil film, are among the special challenges in labeling. Filling lines or production lines for the manufacture of canned goods are often located in environments with high humidity and operate at high speed. Adhesive inks or special inks can be used to cope well with these processes. Our edding in-line and Citronix CIJ printing systems are ideally suited for printing on metal materials in these environments.

Recommended products

Inkjet systems from the edding and Citronix series for process-safe marking of metal.

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