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With its 27 mm character height and characteristic braille, the EBS 250 is a classic in mobile marking.

Handjet Printer 250

The EBS 250 can print and edit graphic symbols and texts as well as barcodes, national diacritical marks, warning and traffic signs. The EBS 250 is particularly suitable for users who need to apply automatic markings outside of production. Wood, metal, plastic and cardboard can be printed.

  • 27 mm font height with 16 dots
  • Memory for up to 30 texts
  • Battery with up to 50 operating hours
  • Supports printing of different texts in successive lines or on different sides of the object.
  • Automatic update of printed date, time, expiration date, numbering (up and down counter).
  • Wireless control ensures full freedom of printing
  • application of durable and legible markings on a wide variety of surfaces: smooth, porous, even uneven, with irregular shape, such as pipes, barrels, bags, boxes, building materials

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

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